I work as an independent software developer, trainer and consultant.

Software development

Building software is fun, shipping it soon, and having other people enjoy it is even more fun. Wherever I am, software tends to ship. I do my best work with visionary clients, who want to deliver early and sustainably.

I've worked in a variety of industries and programming languages. I'm at my best when I can learn something new, while building on what I have experience in.

For development contracts, I prefer to work from home in Bath, UK, or in the vicinity of Bristol or London. For Education and Consulting I'm happy to travel.


Some people call it training. I use the word education, because training implies rote learning. If I use some kind of drill in a training, it is only to give participants some hands-on experience so they can judge if they can apply it in their day to day work. My goal is always to get participants to understand not only the how, but also the why and the what of the subject.

A course is succesful when participants had fun, apply at least one thing from the course the week after, and find inspiration to try out new practices long after the course has ended.

My sweet spot is the combination of systemic thinking with hands-on technical and planning practices so my clients can deliver early and sustainably.

Since software development almost always involves teamwork, I deliver courses with my partners in QWAN, Evolve Beyond and Improuv.


This can take many forms. Development team and management coaching, assesments of code and company, introduction of specific practices. Things I've done include introducing a tailored form of Agile or Lean planning, developing a product vision with Personas and user story maps. Getting teams up to speed or unstuck with Test Driven Development, Pair programming, Refactoring, software architecture.

Once again, I prever visionary clients. Whether its' a company owner, a middle manager or a development team. Some of my clients believe I can motivate people. I'm not so sure about that. I believe you need a desire to learn, a need to change, or both. When someone hires me, that desire or need is already there in at least some of the people, and together we can do experiments and encourage others to try out new things.

No cure, no stay

If I can't deliver value of some kind, I'll try again. If I fail, I leave. If I succeed, I leave too. The point of consulting in any form is to act as a catalyst. Staying too long at a client, the catalyst wears out and the consultant is assimilated. If the organisation needs more catalysts, or someone else, I'm always happy to go out and find someone suitable from my network.